Do You Bribe Your Kids?

July 24, 2018

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio

Do you bribe your kids?  Purposely buying them something to get a desired reaction?  Believe it or not, most parenting experts agree that it's ok to do it under the right circumstances.

What's so bad about it?  It's a win/win for both sides.  Some parents will say you shouldn't reward a child for doing something they should be doing regardless. I don't really agree with that.  Everyone needs an incentive to do something, and incentivising a child with candy or a trip to Five Below usually works.

Other parents say that children won't get rewards as they get older and will become spoiled brats.  Again, I respectfully disagree. You are rewarded with a paycheck if you do your job.  If you work out and exercise, you are rewarded with good health.  If you donate items to Goodwill, you are rewarded with a tax break.  The rewards get bigger and better.

The only thing that most psychologists suggest, is to not offer a bribe in the middle of an arguement or in the middle of any bad behavior, because that will teach your child it's ok to behave badly.

So, I bribed my kids this weekend that if they would clean the basement, they could each have 5 bucks to spend at Five Below and they all purchased ukuleles......The plan severly backfired and now I have a whole house of pint-sized Tiny Tim's.  May your bribery go better  :)