Americans Will Be Eating This Many Calories On Sunday

January 30, 2020
superbowl food

Photo by iStock / Getty Images Plus

 Super Bowl Sunday is all about the food for most people, and apparently folks will be eating a lot of it.

According to a new report:

Folks will be consuming 10,821 calories and 180 grams of saturated fat on Super Bowl Sunday.
In fact, 70% of football fans say they play to overindulge while watching the big game. 
As for what folks will be eating. The survey finds that the average fan will consume:

2.7 portions of hot wings
3.2 slices of pizza
2.1 portions of fries
3.4 bags of chips
1.9 portions of chili
2.4 burgers
1.7 sliders
2 hot dogs
2.7 portions of nachos
3 pieces of fried chicken
1.8 ribs
1.7 sausages
1.6 slices of cake
1.8 brownies
1.8 bowls of ice cream
2.3 portions of salad
2.1 subs
1.7 bags of sweets
1.9 bars of chocolate