Glenn's List of Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained For Hours

August 22, 2018

So often, we hear the words "I'm Bored".  As parents, we have a struggle between just having them figure it out, or giving them direction.  Here are our go-to activities when sitting on the tablet just won't do

1. BOXES BOXES BOXES- My son Cooper is obsessed with boxes.  We have gotten some new bedroom furniture lately, and he has been cutting them up into arcade games him and his brother and sister can play.  You can always go to a big box store and ask for them, as well.  Have them build forts, use them as huge painting canvases, the possibilities are endless. This kept him busy for about 5 hours today:

Photo courtesy of Glenn Anderson Entercom Radio


2.  Toddler Bowling-Who doesn't love a fun game of bowling?  Adult bowling is too hard and the balls are too heavy.  Have your kids arrange milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, blocks, whatever.  Have them take turns knocking everything over.  If you wanna get crazy, masking tape the bowling lanes and have them use their stuffed animals as prizes.  Whoever wins has to donate their animal to Goodwill or a homeless shelter.  This teaches kids that winning is not always a selfish thing.


3. Fort Magic-This has been our saving grace.  Don't know what it is?  Check out the link HERE.  Have the kids build elabortate forts that they can sleep in.  Attach sheets and blankets to your creation and seriously, you'll forget you even have kids!