According to Etsy, These 90's Trends Are Making A Comeback

August 28, 2018

I remember the 90's like they ended 19 years ago..Natalie Imbruglia, The Verve Pipe, The Spice Girls on the cd player... Umm, CD players.  Check out these fashions that according to Etsy, are making a comeback.

Handmade shell necklaces - If you’ve still got any of your old puka shell chokers or necklaces, don’t toss them yet because they’re back in style. 

Butterfly clips Todays are more realistic and delicate. Over the last year, searches for “butterfly clips“ on Etsy have increased almost 400%.  I have a better chance of catching a butterly with the clip than actually getting one to stay on my head.

Glasses chains - Get your granny on because searches for “women’s glasses chains“ are up more than 5,500% on Etsy this year.

90s-style windbreakers - You may have spotted this trend on a few stylish celebs, like Hailey Baldwin, because the retro colorblock windbreaker jackets are cool again. Searches for “90s style jackets“ have increased 27% on Etsy, so get ready to see these on racks once again. Nowhere does Etsy say the "Members Only" jacket is making a comeback.  Sad.

Fanny packs - These days they’re calling them belt bags, but they’ll always be fanny packs to me. 

Items or people not making a comeback include Vanilla Ice, Clueless 2, Kid N Play, and Full House.  Wait, scratch that last one.