Elijah Widmer: Rainbow Stories 2018

December 7, 2018


▪ At 3 weeks old, Elijah was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called PKU (Phenylketonuria) through the newborn screening tests (heel prick).

▪ PKU is the inability to breakdown the amino acid phenylalanine in protein. To treat it patients must remain on a low protein diet all of their life.

▪ If PKU goes untreated, the phenylalanine builds up like a toxin in the brain and causes severe developmental disabilities.

▪ Family works very closely with Eli’s geneticist Dr. Bedoyan and his nutritionist Heidi Reilly at Rainbow to ensure his phenylalanine level remains at a safe level.


▪ Eli is doing great

▪ Eli is interested in reading, dinosaurs, baseball, basketball, football, wrestling

▪ Wants to be a Paleontologist, Wrestler, Movie Director

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