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Des Learned There Are Sensors In Her Car Tires

June 27, 2018

I sent my husband a snap of the tire pressure on my car with the caption "whoops". I'm sure he was freaking out!

When I was driving into work my car alerted me that my rear driver side tire was low and I needed to put air in it. So, I pulled in a gas station and put air in the tire, I checked the alert and it still alerted my tire was low so I put air in all the tires. As I started to drive off I clicked the menu on the car to check the pressure. It now said that my front tire had 46 pounds of pressure - I know it should be around 35.

I pulled into the Marathon Service station on Broadview Road/W. Shaaf Rd. and the mechanic was so kind to adjust the pressure in my tires. He told me that there are sensors in all of my tires and I was actually filling the wrong tire! He said when I get an oil change and they rotate tires, they have to correct the sensors so they recognize the correct tire. #TheMoreYouKnow :)

I appreciate how nice the mechanic is - and didn't charge me!! That is awesome customer service!