You Don't Have To Be Friends With Everyone, Who Have You Un-Friended?

September 7, 2018

The reason I like Facebook is to see what my friends are up to, it's nice to see photos of my cousins children and new babies. Love the dog/cat videos that make me smile.

I was friends with someone on Facebook for several years, after losing her job in radio several years ago, she moved out of State and worked for various animal rescues. Recently she got a job in radio in another State. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and read her post. She was mocking Savannah Gutrie and criticizing her for wearing what this person referred to as "something from Little House On The Prairie" I found that to be rude, but ignored the comment.

The next day, she did the same thing: Made fun of Savannah Guthrie's outfit. So now I commented, basically saying that I felt it was rude to make fun on the way someone is dressed and that I felt Savannah looked lovely. That comment was ignored and she just continued to defend her right to bully someone. Not that Savannah would ever see her comments, but a bully is a bully.  And this woman is around 50 years old - you think she'd be a bit nicer.

So I Un-Friended her.