Quick Picnic Snacks

Have Simple Snacks On Hand

May 30, 2018

My son told me "I'm leaving in 10 minutes to go to a cookout at Jake's house". Well I just can't let him go to a cookout empty handed. Luckily I just made brownies so I was able to plate them and send him over with fresh baked brownies. My husband wasn't too happy - he was looking forward to those brownies. lol

I keep about a dozen boiled eggs in my fridge because I give them to my dogs for treats. In a pinch, they would make a quick dish of deviled eggs.

There are some really quick and easy last minute snack ideas to take to a party here are a few:

1. Cheese and crackers. Buy a few blocks of cheese and keep them in the fridge just in case. If you have a last minute invite just cube the cheese and put crackers or pretzels on the platter and you're done.

2. Do you have lunchmeat, cream cheese and pickles? This is so easy. Take a slice of lunchmeat (ham, turkey, salami) spread with cream cheese and a sliver of a pickle slice then roll up.

3. Hummus

Here's the recipe:

2 cups drained well-cooked or canned chickpeas, liquid reserved

1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus oil for drizzling

2 cloves garlic, peeled, or to taste

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1 tablespoon paprika, or to taste, plus a sprinkling for garnish

Juice of 1 lemon, plus more as needed

**1/2 cup Tahini (Sesame paste)  - optional. I don't use it.

Put everything in a food processor (I use my ninja blender) and begin to process; add the chickpea liquid or water as needed to allow the machine to produce a smooth puree. You can top with chopped parsley or basil - get fancy and toss some chopped pistachio nuts on top. Serve with veggies, pretzels, crackers, or pita.