Injured Puppy Could Use Your Help

The Sweet Little Pup Just Wants To Be Healed And Loved

April 4, 2019

Phoenix, the pit bull puppy, was only two months old when she arrived at the Cleveland APL through their Humane Investigations team. This sweet pup had suffered unimaginable pain—she had burns on close to 60% of her body that they suspect were caused by being placed into scalding water.

It was touch and go for Phoenix for a while. The shelter veterinarian was not sure if Phoenix was going to pull through this horrific experience, but the spunky, sweet pup had a will to live. If she was willing to fight, the Cleveland APL were going to fight for her! 

And fight they have!

It is taking a team to a save Phoenix and provide for her needs—their Humane Investigations team who rescued her and are investigating her case, the incredibly talented veterinary team who is ensuring she gets the top-notch medical care she needs, and her wonderful foster family whose care is helping to heal both her body and spirit.

In the beginning, Phoenix, returned to the APL for laser treatment and bandage changes every day. The burns were so severe and painful during the early stages of treatment that she had to be sedated. Now, she is healing so nicely that she no longer requires sedation, only has to have her back legs and tail bandaged and is down to bandage changes three times a week. She’s even starting to grow hints of white fur near her burned paws!

Phoenix’s journey toward recovery has only been possible because of donations to the Second Chance Program.  She still has a long road ahead of her, but thanks to everyone who believes that animals like Phoenix, who show a will to live despite the hardship they’ve suffered, she is on the road to recovery.

The Cleveland APL's Second Chance Program, which is funded solely by donations from caring people like you, is what they use to provide this lifesaving medical care to injured and ill animals like Phoenix. Not all of them need the intensive care that Phoenix has required, but they all need someone to be there for them and to care about them—and that’s you and the Cleveland APL team! Your continued donations to this program can help them to give Phoenix and so many other animals like her the happily ever afters they so deserve.

If you can, please click here to donate.