No Pet Should Be Outdoors In Inclement Weather

Please Alert The Necessary Authorities When Pets Are Outdoors

January 29, 2019

Please read this note from the Cleveland APL:

Despite the Cleveland Animal Protective League’s efforts to educate pet owners about the need for pets to live as indoor members of the family, there are still many relegated to outdoor lives.  With the sudden changes in winter weather, dogs living outside who do not have access to adequate shelter are especially at risk.  Not only is denying a dog access to adequate shelter against the law, but it is potentially life-threatening. 


The current weather pattern is particularly dangerous—with this predicted to be the coldest arctic blast in the last two decades. Pet owners need to remember that although animals may have a fur coat, that does not mean they are in any way prepared to cope with extreme below zero temperatures. Additionally, sick pets, very young or old pets, and pets with a short coat that does not get thicker in the winter are especially vulnerable. Animals living outside or who are left outside for too long are at risk of hypothermia, frostbite and even death. Even dogs who are going out for walks with their owners are at risk with temperatures this low—remember to shorten your walks during the arctic blast and clean the salt from your dog’s pads when you get home.


The Cleveland Animal Protective League’s Humane Investigators, whose positions are funded solely by donations to the Cleveland APL, investigate reports of animal neglect and cruelty in Cuyahoga County and assist in the prosecution of offenders.  The most common calls are about animals without adequate food, water and shelter. Citizens who want to file a report about suspected animal abuse or neglect in Cuyahoga County should call the Cleveland APL’s Humane Investigations Hotline at 216-377-1630 and leave the location of the animal as well as their contact information.


“We’re striving for a day when every pet will live inside as a beloved member of the family,” said Sharon Harvey, Cleveland APL’s President & CEO. “Sadly, despite our efforts to educate pet owners, we continue to find dogs living their lives outside, often on chains, and unable to reach shelter from the elements.  Bring them inside … or at the very least, give them the adequate shelter that’s required by the law.”