North Royalton Family's Dog Ran Away - Is Injured. Have You Seen Him?

This Dog Needs Help. Have You Seen Him?

April 8, 2019

This is so terribly sad. I'm hoping you can spread the word and help this family get reunited with their beloved dog. The family is new to North Royalton and their dog got away and was struck by a car. The dog took off - I'm sure it was just so frightened, and panicked.

They posted this photo on Facebook and ask that if you spot this sweet dog, please do not interact with him, just call them ASAP and hopefully he can be rescued.

I spent yesterday afternoon driving around different developments in the area, and then at 7:00 pm I went down Ridge Road to Carrie Cerino's, Babbit Funeral Home, Sunrise Cove and Indepence Place.

If you are anywhere near the North Royalton/Parma/Broadview Heights area, please keep your eyes open for this dog and call 209-756-8938 IMMEDIATELY and try to keep an eye on the dog.


Thank you for your help!!