Must Be Bored. Polishing Your Cat's Nails To Match Yours. Don't.

Not A Good Idea to Polish Your Cat's Nails

September 25, 2018

I've seen photos on my Facebook page of people polishing their cats nails to match theirs. Please know that you should NOT use just any polish on your pet. Products for human use are just that - for human use and can react very differently on your cat.

This is my cat, Tiger. We prefer the natural look ;)  When I was taking the photo for this blog, I noticed she needs her claws trimmed. I'll do that tonight :)


Cat poisoning can be caused by:

Cleaning products, including – branded cleaning fluids and creams, floor and furniture polish or wax, metal polish, soap, detergents, drain cleaner, bleach, disinfectants, mothballs, toilet cleaners.

Cosmetic and beauty products, including – nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume, aftershave, hair dye, hair sprays, suntan lotion.

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If you really want to polish your pets nails, make sure you do it safely.Click here for some tips to pretty up your pet safely.