Des Has Been Working Out Monday - Friday So Far She's Lost 15 Pounds!

Too Bad Des Doesn't Have Time To Shower After Her Workout ;)

September 13, 2018

Des joined The Camp Transformation Center on August 13th and has lost 15 pounds! She's hoping to lose another 30!!

Okay, here's the deal. Yes, I finally joined a gym. Being new to working out, I was skeptical that I would last more than a day or two. Day one was hard, day two was hard, day three was get the idea.  At the Camp Transformation Center (Parma) they work with you - no, I can't do the excercises perfectly, but they will show a modification to the exercise and push you to do what you can. 

After this morning's workout I was exhausted and sweating - here's the proof: (LOL) 

I go to the 8:00 am workout class, it ends at 8:50 then I drive downtown to work. I park about 1/4 mile from work, this morning as I was walking by all the restaurants I caught my reflection in the window and thought 'Dang! This is working".  Yes, the classes are hard - but if I can do it YOU can do it.

Everyone at the gym is supportive and I really enjoy the groups that I workout with - the trainers are amazing, and they change it up every day so you'll be doing something different each time.

Now back to me NOT taking a shower after working out, kinda gross, but I'm all alone in my studio so IF I smell I'd be the only one that would know. LOL

My friend Sam told me that she just bought some 'after workout spray' and said even though I do NOT smell - YES she did say that! - That maybe I can find some product like the one she bought to use after my workouts. Any suggestions?

By the way...THIS was on the table when I got to work: (Saboteurs! I did NOT have any)