A Couple Of Raffle Tickets And Des Surprised Her Hubby With This!

August 13, 2018

My husband didn't want to go to the festival so I went by myself. I bought a beer, saw a guy with 3 little dogs and they were panting so hard that I spilled out the beer, filled the cup with water and gave the dogs some water.

Then I bought some fries, ate a couple, and was done. Then I had a chocolate ice cream - oh it was so good! Now it was time to buy some raffle tickets. There was a dog bed up for raffle and it was loaded with toys and treats so I put most of my tickets in there. As a joke, I tossed 2 tickets in the bucket and won this:

The photo is sideways (sorry) it's a 50 gallon rain barrel!! I thought Alan would think it was ridiculous, but he loved it! LOL