How Do You Celebrate Weight Loss?

Weirdest Place You Lost Weight? Des - Her Feet!

October 23, 2018

Like most people I wanted to lose weight. How the heck did I gain so much weight to begin with?! We see tons of ads on Facebook for gyms, clothing, makeup, recipes, etc.

Those damn recipes - that's what did it! I love looking at the recipes and recreating them at home. Problem is I also love to eat said recipes. ;)

For whatever reason one of the Facebook ads had me pause and check it out. It wasn't a normal 'ad' it was an endorsement for The Camp Transformation Center. I thought to myself it's time to stop wishing myself thin and actually do something about it. So, I met with Lauren and Mel from The Camp Transformation Center in Parma. They were absolutely wonderful.

I never in my life worked out and was throwing myself into some really intense workouts. The training staff didn't care that I couldn't do a sit-up, run around the building, or do a plank. They were so encouraging and supportive that I just kept showing up - it became habit. Wake up, feed dogs, make hubby breakfast, shower and just get dressed in my workout clothes and go. Now I can run around the building and not come in last, I can do several sit-ups, plank - no problem.

I decided to start out with a 21-day cleanse. The cleanse was $21 and I was given a meal plan. I lost 11.8 pounds in the 21 days so I decided to follow that up with a 6 week challenge. During the challenge I worked out Monday - Friday and followed their meal plan. I lost 20 pounds!

My shirt for losing 20 pounds!

Here's the size tag!!!!!! When Lauren handed me a 'small' I said "No way will I fit into a small" I did. :)


So now I'm doing another challenge. I have 15 pounds to go before I meet my goal weight.

Luckily I didn't toss out my clothes when I outgrew them! But my shoes...What the heck! I have to buy new shoes - they're too big! My feet are smaller! LOL