Can You Help The Cleveland APL Save This Kitten?

Kitten found with broken jaw

March 13, 2019

Steel is a sweet 6-month-old kitten who was found wandering in the front yard of a Good Samaritan.  He was all alone, scared, and undweight, so his kind rescuer took him inside and called the Cleveland APL for help finding him a home.  Little did she know that the act of bringing Steel to the APL could save his life.

When our wonderful veterinary team went to place a breathing tube in Steel to perform his neuter surgery, they discovered that his tiny jaw only opened up half of a centimeter! Further investigation showed that he had once suffered a fractured jaw, and it had healed so poorly that he is now only able to open his mouth a tiny bit. This meant that, without immediate treatment, this poor, sweet kitten would struggle to get enough nutrition for his small, growing body. 

In order to have a chance at a normal life, Steel will need a specialty surgery to correct his fractured jaw. In order to do so, we need your help. This surgery will cost $3,000, and with your help we can give Steel a much needed second chance to live a normal life!

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The Cleveland APL’s Second Chance Program, which is funded solely by donations from caring people like you, is what we use to provide medical care for injured and ill animals who need our help.  This life-changing surgery is costly and in order to perform it, we need additional support.  This is where we turn to you.  With this surgery, this sweet kitten will be able to eat and drink normally and will go on to live a normal life.  We believe in him and we know you will, too.  Your donation will help us give Steel, and the many other ill and injured animals like him who come to us in need, the happily ever afters they so deserve.