The Cleveland APL Does So Much More Than You Know

Their Love For Animals Is Evident

May 9, 2018

No day is ever the same at the Cleveland APL.  At any time, they may be presented with an animal—or many animals—who need significant care.  While those needs may vary, their commitment to helping these animals does not.  During the past week alone, the APL brought in more than 120 new animals, including five who needed extraordinary care—care they  were able to give them thanks to your donations to our Second Chance Program. 

Kane, a 9-month-old Pit Bull mix, came to the Cleveland APL last Thursday after he was hit by a car. His owners were unable to afford all of the veterinary care he needed but they did not want to give him up so they came to us asking for help.  Through a combination of his owner’s resources and our Peticaid program, a limited program serving qualifying low-income families, our team was able to x-ray his limb, treat his wounds, and provide him with antibiotics and pain management medication.  When he was reunited with his family after treatment, Kane’s love for his people and theirs for him was clearly evident and very uplifting.  Kane is now happily recovering comfortably in his home!

Felicity is a five-month-old Hound mix who came to the shelter on Thursday after she was stabbed in the face. Our team brought her in, cleaned and cared for her wound and gave her all of the love she deserved. They are happy to say, she already has found a new, loving home. Meanwhile, our humane investigations team is working on the case.

Blueberry, a Retriever mix, was shot in his hind leg by an unknown person. He was scared and in pain, so their team went straight to work to help this poor pup. Blueberry suffered an irreparable fracture resulting in the need to amputate his leg. He is now a happy "tri-pod" and has not been slowed down one bit! Soon, he'll head to a foster home to heal from his surgery and receive treatment for heartworm before he can find a loving home of his own.

Elsa, a sweet, two-year-old Husky mix, came to them from an underserved Ohio shelter where they were unable to provide her with the treatment she needs for heartworm disease.  She immediately began heartworm treatment in their care and is well on the road to recovery!

Behr is one to two-year-old Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mix who came to them with medical concerns that required significant diagnostic testing to determine his treatment needs. They felt strongly that this sweet, young dog deserved a chance at a long and healthy life, so they sent him to a specialist for further evaluation.  They were thrilled to learn his treatment will not be as involved as they originally thought.  Meanwhile, they will continue to monitor Behr to be sure his health improves.  

In addition to caring for all of the new animals who come to the APL in need, they remain committed to treating all of the animals with ongoing medical needs who were already in their care.  For example, Pebbles, a sweet two-year-old cat, came to them with malformed sinuses that made it difficult for her to breath. Earlier this year, she had two procedures to open her nasal passages, but she still needs one more procedure to complete the process.  She has an appointment to see a specialist to get measured for a shunt that we hope will finally fix her problem.

You can see the full stories, photos and adoptables by clicking here. If you'd like to donate to the Cleveland APL, you can click here.