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Back To School: Help Make It Easier For All The Kids

August 8, 2019

Sending your kids back to school can come with an array of emotions. My kids loved going school shopping, getting supplies, maybe a new outfit or two and chatting with their friends to see which classes they shared.

School can come with many challenges, struggling through math, science or a new computer class. Aside from the stress of learning new things, homework and quizzes, there's a part of school that can be very daunting for a kid.

Lunch time.

You may think that's the best part of their school day, for some kids it can be a very lonely time. I have three children, they did great in school and had wonderful friends. However, there was a time when my daughter was being bullied and felt so isolated that she ate her lunches in the restroom.

I didn't learn this until years later. Still breaks my heart.

Please talk to your children about including someone who may be sitting alone, shy, or quiet. It can make a world of difference to a child to be included.

Another thing I would do for my son is to pack extra snacks in his lunch so if he saw someone who had little to eat he would offer up his extras. If your kid is the shy one, or the one who is trying to make new friends, offering up a fruit snack is a great ice-breaker.