These Two Organizations Are Making A Change for Breast Cancer Patients During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Beyond.

The WOO WHO Foundation and Susan G. Komen Foundation both help in different ways.

October 29, 2019
Cleveland Connection

Cleveland Connection


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cleveland Connection Host, Chelsea Lyons, sat down with two different foundations in the Cleveland area that are helping change the lives of breast cancer patients year-round. 

Susan G. Komen - During this interview Sean Shacklett, from the North East Ohio Chapter, sits down and talks with Chelsea about ways the foundation has helped form Breast Cancer Awareness Month and helped bring awareness to the disease over the years. "People used to have little to no awareness about the disease. We helped change that" says Sean during the interview. He also goes on to share the most recent form of breast cancer they are focusing research dollars on. During the interview Sean announces that Susan G. Komen has hit their one billion dollar mark in funds for research for the cure. 

WOO WHO Foundation - A grass-roots foundation out of Avon Lake. WOO WHO Foundation is a not for profit that was created by Jim Riley after his first wife passed to breast cancer. The organization holds fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the foundation. The WOO WHO Foundation supports a person through the trials of breast cancer, aiding the families of those who continue to fight or have lost their battle with Breast Cancer, or supporting causes that promote the fight for a cure. "We got the name WOO WHO off of a chant my wife and her friends used to do. The idea is to spread positivity, fun, and hope to all of those who have to deal with this terrible disease" Says Jim during the interview. WOO WHO also has a book out that tells the story of what Jim had to go through with his wife while she was sick. It is a story of hope, will to fight, and life lessons. All of the proceeds from the book go towards the foundation. 


You can hear the interviews in their entirety at the link below.

For more information on the Susan G. Komen foundation North East Ohio Chapter visit 

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