Teenage cancer patients get the ultimate night with A Prom to Remember

The night is complete with a limo pick up, spa services, red carpet and more!

April 2, 2019
Cleveland Connection

For the last 9 years Michael and Jane Knausz have gone out of their way to make sure teenagers with cancer still get to experience the night every teen dreams of. On April 13th The Ritz-Carlton will roll out the red carpet and welcome teens from 3 area hospitals into the ultimate prom experience. A Prom to Remember makes sure everything is covered for the patients from the dresses and shoes to the spa services that help them get ready. A limo picks them up at the hospital and chauffeurs them to the red carpet outside of The Ritz-Carlton. Doctor chaperones are near by to make sure everyone has a fun safe night. A transcript from their website states: "There has always been something magical about Prom. It is one of the most memorable nights for many teens – getting dressed to the nines in glamorous gowns or trend-setting tuxedos, riding in limos, dancing the night away, and celebrating with friends. For teens with cancer, this special event is one they often miss. For this reason, The Unforgettable Prom Foundation was founded in 2009 to give teens with cancer A Prom To Remember, the ultimate Prom experience, and a night they will never forget." Check out the complete interview below that describes what happens behind the scenes, celebrity appearences, and how they are able to pull off the ultimate prom night year after year.