THE STAND IN will outline Cleveland's homeless youth problem.

The homeless youth population in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is estimated to be over 3,000 children

June 25, 2019
Cleveland Connection

Cleveland Connection


The City Mission is calling for 3,000 members of the northeast Ohio community to STAND together on Saturday, June 29th to represent each homeless student in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. In this Cleveland Connection interview, Chelsea sits down with Chief Executive Officer of The City Mission, Rev. Richard Trickel, to discuss The Stand In. Rev. Trickel explains his idea behind The Stand In was for the Cleveland community to visibly see how many homeless youth reside within the school district. Each volunteer standing in will represent a different student. "When it is out in the open for all to see, we can better understand the immediate crisis" says Rev. Trickel. "Together we can help better the lives of these neighbors." 

According to Project ACT, nearly 3,000 children in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, along with their families, experienced homelessness since Fall 2018. "This is a number that is expected to grow" says Rev. Trickel. The challenges associated with homelessness have long-term effects on the city’s youth, including learning difficulties, mental and behavioral health issues, and a continuous cycle of poverty.

The City Mission will have resources on site to assist those who are experiencing homelessness or need help. The Stand In will also include family friendly activities such as: 

Food trucks, Live music, Poetry slam, Family games, Sign making (to represent homeless children), and the Stand In Moment. There will also be guest speakers from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the City of Cleveland, The City Mission, and Local faith organizations. 

Hear more information by listening to the interview below. If you would like to attend The Stand In you can register at