See How Sixth City Sounds is Helping Boost the Economy Through Local Music

They help merge the local government and business community with arts and culture.

March 19, 2019
Cleveland Connection

Sixth City Sounds is changing the music game in Cleveland! Sixth City Sounds is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit community organization whose purpose is to allign the interests of arts and culture, the business community, and local government to elevate the value of Cleveland music as a regional asset. The vision of Sixth City Sounds is to have a city that champions its music community and provides a creative hub for artists everywhere. We sat down with founder Jeanette Sangston as she describes the many different parterships they have in place to help accomplish this vision starting with their CLE Music Shelves, to their Mixing sessions, along with a partership with RTA to bring live music all around the city and more. Jeanette explains how she is working on putting local music in the Cleveland Hopkins Airport to welcome visitors with the sound of Cleveland. The project will help expose the many talented artists Cleveland harbors along with helping increase sales in the nearby stores. Check out the full interview below to hear Jeanette explain how they are helping local artists and businesses through their CLE Music shelves and Mixing Sessions, what Sixth City Sounds is doing to help brand Cleveland with a specific sound, the "Be a Tourist in your Hometown" event with RTA, future partnerships that will help continue their mission and more!

Cleveland Connection

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