Meet Alex, A Little Girl With A Big Heart

At only 4 years old she created her own project titled Alex's Fluffy Buddies

June 4, 2019
Cleveland Connection

Cleveland Connection


Alex's Fluffy Buddies was started by local Clevelander Alex when she was just four years old. The goal of the project is to collect bears & other soft buddies to donate to children who are in the hospital or facing other types of adversity in their lives. The project got its start when Alex was in the hospital due to medical testing that required a week stay. Through all of her personal trials, Alex has had her own fluffy buddy, Sky Bear. Knowing how much Sky Bear has helped her, Alex wanted to give stuffed animals to the other sick kids to help them not be scared while in the hospital. When asked why she started Alex's Fluffy Buddies, Alex explained "I was in the hospital and when I was leaving, I saw some kids did not have stuffed animals like I did. I asked my mom if I could give them mine." Her mom then explains that Alex could not give the children her animal because the stuffed animals need to be new with tags on them for the hospital to accept them. Alex then explains how she took the money she was saving to go to Chuck-E-Cheese and instead used it to buy new stuffed animals for the children at the hospital. 

Alex is now 7 1/2 years old and the project has expanded vastly. They have expanded the organizations they donate to since the project began. Alex now routinely visits Cleveland Clinic, Ronald McDonald House, other local hospitals, police and fire departments, and shelters. They have also mailed bears to out-of-state children when they learn about the need for a special friend. She also recently visited a child in Willowick who was the victim of a hit and run when he was getting off a school bus. In the interview below Alex mentions the child's need for a fluffy buddy while recovering from the accident and his reaction to the stuffed animal.

Alex fundraises to help fund her Fluffy Buddies. If you would like to stay up to date on Alex's project or donate new stuffed animals to Alex's Fluffy Buddies, you can do so by going to