Join the 21 Day Challenge with the YWCA!

An opportunity for members of the community to join together to promote greater social justice and racial equity.

March 19, 2019
Cleveland Connection

We sat down with Margaret from the YWCA to talk about the 21 Day Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge. The YWCA Greater Cleveland is widely recognized as a thought leader on the issues of racial equity and the advancement of women, thanks to the deep subject matter expertise and extensive experience of their leadership team. YWCA Greater Cleveland was established in 1868, making it the seventh oldest YWCA in the country and one of the oldest continuously operating nonprofits in Cleveland. Check out the interview below to hear Margaret give a better understanding of what the challenge is, how to re-wire your brain to think differently, what the YWCA does to address homelessness in Cleveland and how the challenge can help with that, their "it's time to talk" forums, the benefits to participating in the challenge as an organization and more.     

Cleveland Connection

A personal note from Chelsea;

"I really enjoyed getting an opportunity to speak with Margaret. She had such an open mind about the world and had a charming way of addressing difficult topics. Topics most try to avoid, she takes them head on with knowledge and respect for all parties. Just in the little time I interviewed her, she helped open my mind to things most do not realize. This is an interview full of wonderful information that can help our whole community move forward together as one."   

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