The Cleveland National Air Show Starts Tomorrow!

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes?

August 30, 2019
Cleveland Connection

Cleveland Connection


   It is Labor Day weekend! With that comes one of Cleveland's favorite holiday traditions, The Cleveland National Air Show. Already we can see airplanes flying in to Burke Lakefront Airport and practicing for their preformances. Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of these acrobatic diaplays? Chelsea Lyons had a chance to sit down with Kim Dell from the Cleveland National Air Show where she was able to hear all of the cool behind the scenes stories. Kim explains all of the prep work that goes in to putting on the air show. Also, Kim shares that the air show is actually a financially self-sufficient nonprofit organization. (I did not know that!) Kim breaks down how the money raised from the air show helps aspiring pilots in Cleveland, future air shows, and more. You can hear all the details by clicking on the interview below!