The Cleveland APL offers the CARE program to help your pet out in a pinch.

This helps many animals stay in their homes and out of shelters.

April 2, 2019
Cleveland Connection

The Cleveland APL is known for the many wonderful things they do to help out animals and the community. Their events are always full of furry fun, like Pucks and Paws where you can take you dog to a Monsters Hockey game! Do you ever wonder what happens to the money raised at these events? Ayse Dunlap gives us a breakdown of that and more in this one on one interview with Chelsea. Ayse also tells us all about the Project CARE program offered at the Cleveland APL. Project CARE helps animals stay in their homes when unexpected circumstances happen, instead of the animal ending up at a shelter. Check out the interview below to hear the complete details on Project care; how they help, who qualifies for the help, and more.