The City Mission announces event to help raise awareness of homeless youth

A call for the community to stand together during the Stand In

April 16, 2019
Cleveland Connection

The City Mission has announced their newest event, Stand In, to help raise awareness of the homeless youth crisis within the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

They hope the awareness this brings will help drive critical engagement and transform the lives of Cleveland’s homeless children. According to Project ACT, nearly 3,000 children along with their families experienced homelessness since fall 2018. This number is expected to grow. The causes of homelessness are complex and the associated complications intensify when the situation involves a woman and her children. For this reason, The City Mission’s Laura’s Home provides long-term services and programs to address the individual needs and to help end the cycle of poverty. To do this, they currently offer mental and behavioral health counseling, job skills training, faith-based services, access to basic healthcare, transition to long-term housing, and a home-ownership program.  

Listen as Chelsea sits down with Rev. Rich Trickel, CEO, The City Mission to discuss the details of the Stand In.

He states "In order for the Cleveland community to SEE and understand the immediate crisis, The City Mission is calling for 3,000 members of the northeast Ohio community to STAND together to represent each homeless student in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District." He also states his goal of shock value and hopes that it will begin to inspire change in the community.

The Stand In will take place on Public Square, June 29th.

Check out the interview below to hear a complete list of details.

If you would like to take part in the Stand In, you can sign up at