11 Christmas Shopping Safety Tips

November 13, 2018

Heading to the stores during the holiday rush can definitely be a frenzy (which is why I prefer to shop online, tbh). The chaos that comes with long lines, crabby clerks, rude customers and messy shelves can make us less attentive than we'd be on a regular shopping trip. This is one of the many reasons why theft and petty crime numbers soar during the holiday season.

Here are some tips as to how you can stay safe while you're out and about getting items off your list.

Park your car in busy, well-lit areas of store lots. If you are forced to park far, you're welcome to ask fellow shoppers or even store employees for an escort.

Avoid parking garages if you can. These tend to be more dangerous as there are dark corners and more places to hide.

Triple check that your car is locked. There is no harm in clicking the button a few extra times as you're walking away.

Always be alert of your surroundings. That's a given.

Leave your junk in the trunk. Seriously. Hide your shopping bags in the trunk so they aren't visible through the windows. Leaving your items in plain-view will certainly be tempting for thieves.

Make it a girls-day-out. Shop with friends if possible to avoid being alone.

Don't talk to strangers. If someone approaches you and makes you uncomfortable, ignore them. If someone is following you, head towards security to scare them off.

Keep an eye on your plastic. If you can't find your credit or debit card, immediately call your bank to cancel. Now is not the time to deal with fraud!

Don't carry tons of cash. If someone does happen to attempt to rob you, it'd be much less awful if they got away with $40 rather than $400.

Hide your cash in unconventional places. In your sock, your pocket, heck, even your bra.

Attach your closed purse to your shopping cart, pictured below. This will make it nearly impossible for thieves to grab your belongings and vanish.

Don't be scared going shopping. These are simply preventative measures that we've created to ensure that this time of year can be as happy as possible for you.