Star Suggestions From Chelsea

March 18, 2020

Chelsea has ideas for what to binge, what to do with kids, and more!

Best Binge for Adults - If you are looking to stream something that will make you laugh, hands down The Office. 

Best Binge for Kids - Not necessarily a show, I will go through Disney+ and binge watch all of the Vault Disney Movies. Yes as an adult, I still love my Disney Classics. I think there is a little part in all of us that "Just can't wait to be king!" (Admit it, you sang that in your head) :-)  

Go to Board Game - Sequence! If you have never played Sequence, you need to. It is competitive, fun, and gets the whole family involved. Can be played as individuals up to 3 players or as teams up to 6 players. 

Go To Card Game - I have a few. If we are talking adult card games, I love playing Hearts (Shooting the Moon is quite the skill to master) If we are talking kid card games, I have to go with the classic UNO.  My brother thinks it is SO FUNNY to hit you with that draw 2 card, little does he know I have a reverse card and a draw 4 card to follow it up with. 

Is there a job /task... you have been putting off that you will try and tackle now that you may have time? Yes, my spring cleaning! Looks like we will now have plenty of time to go room by room and rearrange, organize, and clean things out. Also gives me some time to start baby-proofing the house!    

Best place/thing to do outside? One of my favorite things to do is to just walk my dog around out neighborhood. He always gets so happy to get out and see things. If walking is not your thing, let me suggest one of my other favorite things to do outside. Go get that book off of your shelf that you bought 2 years ago and have been meaning to read, and sit on an outside chair/ swing reading it with your favorite beverage. It is so relaxing to do, especially when it warms up a little.