Best Patios In and Around Downtown Cleveland

May 25, 2018

Few things in life are more entertaining than spending a beautiful morning, afternoon or evening sitting on a beautiful patio at a favorite restaurant. Summer has finally arrived in Cleveland and it's the perfect time to fully embrace the places our city has to offer.

Here are some of our favorite spots to hang out in and around downtown Cleveland!

  • Hi and Dry – 2221 Professor Avenue, Tremont
  • Alley Cat Oyster Bar – 1056 Old River Road, Flats East Bank
  • Great Lakes Brewing Company – 2516 Market Avenue, Ohio City
  • Azure Rooftop Lounge – 2017 East 9th Street, Gateway District
  • Barrio – 806 Literary Road, Tremont
  • Porco Lounge – 2527 West 25th Street, Ohio City
  • Collision Bend – 1250 Old River Road, East Bank of the Flats
  • Town Hall – 1909 West 25th Street, Ohio City
  • Edison’s Pub – 2373 Professor Avenue, Tremont
  • Coastal Taco – 1146 Old River Road, Flats East Bank
  • Market Garden – 1947 West 25th Street, Ohio City
  • Nuevo Modern Mexican – 1000 East 9th Street, North Coast Harbor
  • Bakersfield – 2058 West 25th Street, Ohio City
  • Puente Viejo – 1220 Huron Road, PlayhouseSquare

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