Could The The Indians Be Back By July 1st?

May 7, 2020
Cleveland Indians first baseman Carlos Santana (41) during the first round in the 2019 MLB Home Run Derby at Progressive Field.

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There is a chance that the Indians and the rest of the MLB could start their season on July 1st, with another spring training starting in June.

Now these are all reports and officials haven't confirmed anything.

If baseball does come back, it'll be much different than before. For one, there won't be any fans in the stadium. Not allowing fans into the stadiums will help prtect them, but what steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the players and coaches?

There's also still the question of how long the season will last; will there be 162 games with the season extended long past it's usual end, or will there be less games than that at this point? Regardless, nothing has been set in stone and there is no firm plan in place.

MLB officials have a lot to do in order to determine if it is safe for the members of the organization to at least return for some training before the season can even begin.

While we've received an update of some kind on the MLB, the most recent NBA news is that some facilities will allow players to come back for workouts, but with new restrictions and guidelines.

And the NFL seems to be going along as normal at this time. The NFL did, however, release a statement on an updated refund policy in the event the fans are not allowed to attend games.