1Thing: How To Celebrate Valentine's Day And Protect The Environment

It's okay to have eco-friendly dates!

February 1, 2020
red wine at restaurant

Valentine’s Day is this month, and did you know that romance can be eco-friendly? 

If we all do just 1 Thing to protect the environment, it can make a difference. It all starts with just 1Thing.

Simply give your sweetheart an experience, rather than a gift!

You can plan a night on the town that includes dinner at a local restaurant, Ballroom Dancing, or tickets to the theater.

You could also plan a couples massage, or even a hot air balloon ride.

Get your significant other a living flower or other potted plant, instead of cut roses that quickly wilt and get thrown out. 

When shopping for chocolate or wine,  be sure to look for either “Fair Trade,” or “Organic.”

And if you want the right sent to set the mood, use essential oils instead of harsh chemical perfumes.

You can create a great memory without creating any physical waste. It all starts with 1Thing.

Find tips and more at 1thing.us.com.

What's your 1 Thing?