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Halsey & More On Acoustic Sunrise January 19, 2020

The Acoustic Sunrise is your weekly escape featuring great music and great vibes. Every Sunday morning you’ll hear a great mix of unplugged, stripped down and exclusive live performances from today’s biggest artists and your favorites of all time. Plus great stories about the songs and artists you... Read More
Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: Higabees Became What Store?

1. NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service has officially greenlit a follow-up series to the classic sitcom “Punky Brewster.” The new “Punky Brewster” will see the return of original series star Soleil Moon Frye. NBC’s upcoming streaming service is called what? Peacock? Texville? Or Hugabees?... Read More
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What You Wear To Bed Says A Lot About You

When it’s time to hit the hay at the end of the night there are two types of sleepers, those who wear pajamas, and those who sleep naked, and it turns out what you wear or don’t wear to bed could say a lot about you. A new survey reveals the typical traits of people who wear PJs to bed and those... Read More
Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: What’s Dr. Doolittle’s First Name?

1. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 6 inductees that will represent the 2020 class, and will be inducted into the Hall in May of this year. Can you name any one of the 6 artists getting into the hall this year? Nine Inch Nails, Whitney Houston, The Doobie Brothers, Depeche Mode, The... Read More
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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-When Work Just Doesn't Work

I did a social experiment recently, in which everyone I came in close contact with, I said hello to. Some answered back immediately and seemed happier for a brief moment. Others looked at me as if to say “Why on earth are you even talking?” I did this for the whole day. While I was at Marc’s,... Read More
Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: Mandy Moore Voiced Which Disney Princess?

1. Ken Jennings is the GOAT. As you might recall, Jennings won “Jeopardy!” more than any other contestant, winning 74 games in 2004. But last night, The 45-year-old Washington state native won the Jeopardy tournament. The acronym GOAT stands for this. Greatest Of All Time 2. Build-A-Bear will debut... Read More