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Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: What's the Real Name of Baby Yoda, "The _____"

1. The movie “Parasite” is going to be shown at over 200 IMAX theatres, and one of them is in Westlake. Is Westlake located on the east side, or west side, of Cleveland? West Side 2. KFC has a new sandwich - chicken served in between two glazed donuts. It’ll be available nationwide starting next... Read More
star wars

Build-A-Bear Reveals Baby Yoda Design; Coming This Spring!

Build-A-Bear has unvieled "The Child" aka Baby Yoda, which will be able to be stuffed this spring. Baby Yoda / The Child, is a character from "The Mandalorian", a Disney+ original that takes place in the Star Wars univrse. Last month, Build-A-Bear teased that it was coming out with a "Baby Yoda"... Read More
cedar point

Cedar Point Opens "Ticket of A Lifetime" Registration

Cedar Point's "Ticket of A Lifetime" will let 25 people get free admission and parking to Cedar Point and Cedar Point Shores Waterparks for the rest of their lives. The Ticket of a Lifetime Sweepstakes will start on Monday, February 24th and will go through Sunday, August 16th. You can enter at... Read More
whitney houston

First Look: Whitney Houston Hologram In Action

A holographic Houston will embark on a European Tour that will go from February to April in Europe. US dates are expected to follow. “Now is just the right time,” said Whitney's sister-in-law and state exeecutor of her estate, Pat Houston. “In the spirit of Whitney, I know we’re doing all the right... Read More

KFC Has A Brand New Chicken Sandwich

KFC thinks it has a chicken sandwich that might beat Chick Fil-A and Popeyes A Fried chicken and donut sandwich After a successful test last fall in select Virginia and Pittsburgh restaurants, they announced Thursday that the limited-time Kentucky Fried Chicken & Donuts will be released... Read More
Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: What's The Name of The Dog In "Call Of The Wild"

1. The classic video for “Take On Me” has just reached a new milestone. The clip has now been viewed one billion times on YouTube. Who sang that song? A-Ha? Uh-Oh? Oh Ya? A-Ha 2. Old Fashion Hot Dogs is closing next month - they’ve been in Ohio City for nearly a century. When the hot dogs race at... Read More

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-You're Setting Goals Wrong

Do you set goals? I often admire people who set long term goals and accomplish them. I have a buddy of mine who knew he wanted to be an airline pilot out of the womb, worked hard and became one. I have never been wired this way. My thoughts and dreams were always changing. When I was younger, I... Read More
Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: In WHAT YEAR Was Pluto Declared ‘No Longer A Planet'?

1. LeBron James is releasing his first children’s book. It’s a picture book titled "I Promise." It is scheduled for release on Aug. 11. The “I Promise” school is located in which city in northeast Ohio? Akron or THE AK 2. The Foo Fighters are going on tour and they’re coming to Cleveland. May 18th... Read More