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Rosabelle Mintz: Rainbow Stories 2020

It’s every mom’s worst nightmare—you deliver your sweet baby and discover there are complications. But things became even more frightening when mom, Jori Mintz, realized her own health was deteriorating quickly. Jori had an emergency C-section, and developed infection which transferred to Rosa in... Read More

Henry Amoroso: Rainbow Stories 2020

Henry was born at 23 weeks and just 1.5 pounds to parents suffering from addiction Henry faced many challenges and uncertainties in his early days in the NICU at Rainbow. At just two months, he was abandoned, having only his Rainbow team to provide the care he so desperately needed. For the next... Read More

Rachel Ford: Rainbow Stories 2020

Can you imagine receiving cancer treatment during COVID-19? In October 2019 Rachel found a swollen lymph node in her neck and thought at first it was a knot from sleeping on it funny. Two weeks later when the “knot” hadn’t gone away, she knew something was wrong. After visits to her primary care... Read More

Gwen Ciccozzi: Rainbow Stories 2020

Born at full term, and with no immediate signs of issues, at 3 months, Gwen’s parents noticed that she favored her left and didn’t use much of the right side of her body. Her Rainbow Pediatrician referred them immediately to neurology and had them start physical therapy right away. The initial MRI... Read More

Carson Fry: Rainbow Stories 2020

Carson has a rare metabolic disease called Glutaric Acidemia Type 1 which affects his body’s ability to process protein. He was diagnosed at just 7 days old thanks to Ohio’s cutting edge newborn screening. His body doesn't metabolize two amino acids found in protein, this means that everything from... Read More

PJ Ross: Rainbow Stories 2020

At 12 weeks old, PJ was diagnosed with Left Unicoronal Craniosynostosis and had his first surgery at just 6.5 months to reshape his skull, allowing his brain more room to grow. Since then, he has had an additional 18 surgeries on his eyes, skull, tonsils & adenoids, and ears. Throughout all of... Read More

Cordelia Willets: Rainbow Stories 2020

Cordelia Willets was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 9 weeks. Rainbow has been such an important part of her family’s life. At 9 weeks, Cordelia was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma, a cancerous tumor that grows in nerve tissue of babies and young children. She had multiple complications, and was... Read More

Tom Kumerle: Rainbow Stories 2020

On June 30, 2015, Tom was hit hard in the chest by a baseball during his rec league game at a community park in Avon Lake. Tom took a few steps and collapsed, motionless and non-responsive, a fellow parent who was a Nurse Practitioner began chest compressions. They rushed Tom to St. John’s Hospital... Read More

Nolan Feldt: Rainbow Stories

Imagine thinking your seven year old needs glasses, only to find out that he has brain cancer. That’s exactly what Nolan and his family had to go through. After failing a vision test and complaining of nauseating headaches, Nolan was sent to an Ophthalmologist at a different hospital. She saw... Read More

Elijah Widmer: Rainbow Stories 2020

At 3 weeks old, Elijah was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called PKU (Phenylketonuria) through the newborn screening tests (heel prick). PKU is the inability to breakdown the amino acid phenylalaninein protein. To treat it, patients must remain on a low protein diet all of their life. If... Read More