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Trump Toohey: Who Is King Friday’s Wife?

1. Browns won yesterday defeating the Steelers 21-7. But everyone is talking about Myles Garrett and his smacking the Steelers QB in the head with his own helmet. Myles Garrett: Offense? Or Defense? Defense 2. New to Netflix today is Klaus, an animated Christmas film. Let’s play a new game called... Read More

Cleveland-Elyria Ranked 4th Gloomiest Place In Elyria

Some website named looked at the top 50 metro areas in the US and apparently believes Cleveland (featuring Elyria) is the fourth gloomiest in the nation. How was this study conducted? Well the study looked at the following in November, December and January: Percentage of Cloud Cover... Read More

You Won't Believe How Much We Eat On Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is almost here. So while you’re planning your turkey dinner and preparing for what is most Americans’ second favorite holiday, topped only by Christmas, take a minute to digest these insane facts about the food we fill our plates with on Thanksgiving. About 46... Read More

Meet 'Unicorn Puppy', Dog Born With A Tail On Its Head

Take a look at Narwhal, a dog with a tail on his head! Narwhal apparently is a dachshund mix with shape, fur and color of a golden retreiver. He was found outside in the cold, but is now in great shape. This is Narwhal. He was born with an extra tail on his forehead. It hasn’t wagged yet but he’s... Read More

Glenn's Review Of The Band's Visit at Playhouse Square

I got the chance to see The Band's Visit this past week, which is at Playhouse Square through November 24th. The synopsis is..shall we say, different.. It takes place in 1996, a band called The Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra just arrived in Israel, expecting to be welcomed by a... Read More

Predictions For Top Baby Names of 2020

Nameberry is looking ahead at what they think are going to be the hottest baby names of 2020. Since it's only 2019, how do they do it? Nameberry looks at the names with the biggest increase of interest. It's all speculative, because they won't know the most popular names of 2020 till 2021... Read More