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Glenn's Weekly Motivational-Why Are You Grateful?

Hey guys! This time has been rough on all of us for different reasons. Sometimes, it's hard to see the light through the darkness. I had a friend send me a blog that really fit the mood of the moment. I hope it helps you. This was written by Kenda Petrone of MAGIC 106.7 in Boston: As bad as it's... Read More
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Trump Toohey: Tiger Woods Wears What Color Combo on Sundays?

1. For the first time in 42 years, all Major League Baseball teams will open the season on the same day. The 2021 schedule was released yesterday - all teams play their season opener on April 1st. Indians will open the season against the Tigers on April 1. The Tigers are from which city in Michigan... Read More

Many Americans are Working From Home During COVID-19

A lot of Americans have been working from home since March, and it seems not many are raring to get back to the office. In fact, a new survey finds that some would go as far as to take a paycut if it means they could continue to work remotely. The survey finds: 89% of Americans are currently... Read More

Heinz Releases Kit To Turn Popular Condiments Into Ice Cream

Heinz may be best known for its ketchup, mustard and other condiments but they have decided to take a leap into the ice cream scene. They’ve just released DIY 'Creamz' kits, which will allow customers to create their own frozen dessert from their famous condiments. Your kit comes with a recipe card... Read More

Cedar Point Now Open To Passholders, Here's What You Need to Know

Here's the link to reserve tickets for Cedar Point! Take a look at some of the updates coming from Cedar Point: Cedar Point is scheduled for July 9th opening Park will be open July 9 - September 7 from 11am-8pm (reduced from 10am-10pm) Operating hours for Sept/Oct will be announced later Cedar... Read More

I Got Tested For Corona and Saved Lives FOR FREE..Here's How

Hey guys! So, I had a neighbor friend suggest I give blood. I have always been hesitant (fear of the unknown), but the benefits far outweigh anything else, and so I did it. I went through , but any blood donation center is in need. Obviously, saving lives is the best part of donating,... Read More
CLEVELAND, OHIO - JULY 06: Pitcher Carlos Carrasco #59 of the Cleveland Indians throws in the bullpen during summer workouts at Progressive Field on July 06, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Indians 60-game schedule opens on July 24th in Cleveland

Cleveland - Major League Baseball released its abbreviated 60-game season schedule on Tuesday, which promised regional games for all teams around MLB. The Indians schedule consists of 40 games against opponents within the division, and 20 games against the nearby NL Central. The interleague games... Read More