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NEW: Kale, Pizza and Ham Candy Canes

As if the candy cane flavors weren't getting out of control, Archie McPhee decided to step it up a notch by releasing kale, pizza and ham candy canes. Three candy cane flavors we never asked for: kale, ham, and pizza. -- — POPSUGAR (@POPSUGAR) September 18, 2019 Pizza candy... Read More

HBO Max Pays $1 Billion To Stream “The Big Bang Theory”

Netflix just got the rights to Seinfeld, NBC announced their 'Peacock' streaming service and now HBO Max shelled out a billion dollars to have the rights to stream The Big Bang Theory for five years. The deal also extends the show’s syndicated run on TBS through 2028, when it was originally set to... Read More

Pepsi To Produce 1,100 Bottles of Orange-Colored "Believeland" Pop

Pepsi is turning orange to celebrate the return of Sunday Night Football to Cleveland after 11 years. This Sunday night, the Browns will take on the Rams and so Pepsi is going to celebrate by producing 1,100 bottles of "Believeland," an orange-colored cola. There's going to be a free tailgate for... Read More

Glenn's Weekly Motivational-The Power Of The Present

"If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present” -Lao Tzu I get it, it’s super hard to live in the present. With all that life throws at you, it's much easier to think about what you could’ve done... Read More

Happy IT Professionals Day!

In honor of National IT Professionals Day, which falls annually on the third Tuesday in September, here is a fun look at a day in the life... Just kidding! We know that IT professionals work hard every day and can you even imagine what work would be like without them? NO WAY! Take some time today... Read More

'The Masked Singer' Drops Clues and Costumes For Season 2

Take a look at the costumes and clues that the Masked Singer dropped ahead of the premiere that comes out on September 25th! Skeleton: “I’ve got a bone to pick with any contestant who thinks they’re going to win this competition.” The clue also includes the number “4261,” which some fans think is a... Read More

Browns Eradicated Jets 23-3; Browns Recreate 'Friends' Opening Theme

Browns won 23-3 yesterday, with Garret providing a solid steel defense and an 89-yard run from OBJ. But for those who aren't sporty, there's something for you! The Browns dropped their tribute/parody of the Friends opening theme. Take a look below: B • R • O • W • N • S (2019) Read More
Trump Toohey

Trump Toohey: What's The Name of The Clown In 'It'?

1. It: Chapter 2 remains #1 on the weekend box office with $40 million. It primarily takes the form a clown named WHAT? Pennywise 2. The upcoming Ghostbuster sequel will focus on the descendants of the original cast members. Who sings the Ghostbusters theme song? Ray Parker Jr.​ 3. Happy Belated... Read More