8 Super Awkward Super Bowl Moments From Super Bowl 52

February 5, 2018
  1. When Pink had to get rid of her cough drop right before singing.
https://twitter.com/ChatSports/status/960292698556174337 2.  The 29 seconds of black screens on tvs nationwide. https://twitter.com/darrenrovell/status/960318891540049926 3. The moment we found out Tom Brady...isn't great as a wide reciever. https://twitter.com/DefPenSports/status/960309008644141057 4.  This awkward hit happened. https://twitter.com/SportsLanding/status/960305892326600704 5. The fact that it is 2018 and this was the best NBC could do for the Quarterback Graphic. https://twitter.com/ka24us/status/960313664745234432 6. The fact that a Scientology Commercial played. https://twitter.com/johnalexwood/status/960258833162625026 7.  Justin Timberlake's Outfit https://twitter.com/goldengateblond/status/960327096395419648 https://twitter.com/HipsterTito/status/960323965397979136 8.  The Kid Who Stood Next To Justin Timberlake And Was On His Phone. https://twitter.com/guibale/status/960330796971298817