Des Cheated In School! What Was Your Worst Subject?

January 29, 2018
Cheated? Oh come one, it was TYPING class. I was horrible and always reprimanded for looking at the typewriter keys. My friend Sandy sat next to me in class was an expert typist and kind enough to type all my assignments for me. One time the teacher video-taped the class then before showing the tape to the class, she announced "Everyone watch Desiray! Watch how she looks at the keys the whole time!" Well, I may have cheated, but I was smarter than the teacher when I saw the video camera. I did not look at the keys at all. I typed like a fiend. As the class viewed the video the teacher told me how impressed she was that I didn't look at the keys and how much I've improved. Thankfully, the teacher never looked at our papers - mine read: xohweiohyacpuipew j oi upowieur qjf iowueanekjhf iew ;ajfoie - or something similar to that. My first job with the City of Cleveland was as a Legal Senior Clerk. The job responsibilities included a ton of typing. Dang it. The first several months I was very slow - because I looked at the keys. Typing for 8 hours a day I eventually became a great typist and easily could type more than 65 wpm. I'd say typing class was the hardest class I had in high school. Algebra was a breeze! For the record I don't think you should ever cheat in school.