Build a Reclaimed Barn Wood Wall Like Glenn Did!

January 17, 2018
It's winter, and I need to stay busy.  Reclaimed barn wood is all the rage, so I decided to take an accent wall and see what I could do.  Turns out, it was much simpler than I thought.  This is how my walls looked before.  The wall is the opposite side of my sink. I picked up the boards at Home Depot.  They come pre-cut and pre-stained, so you get the cool effect without nothing more than cutting them to fit. A package of 8 covers about 10 square feet, this is what I bought. For the wall I did,  I needed about 4 boxes.  The boxes are 25 bucks a piece, so when all was said and done and I trimmed everything, the project was less than 150 dollars.  Not bad for such a dramatic change in the living room!  The boards can be put up with liquid nails, but for a semi-permanent solution, you can just use a nail gun and some brad nails that remove easily should you want to change the look in the future. A simple and inexpensive way to transform your room.  Good luck and have fun!