LIST! Groceries Always Worth Splurging On

January 16, 2018
When The Kitchn asked readers what groceries they’re willing to splurge on, these are the delicacies they gave:
  • Fancy butter: French, Welsh, Danish, Amish, Irish, or from the local farm, this is the number-one splurge.
  • Heirloom tomatoes: In season, from the farmers market; the weirder the color, the better.
  • Artisan bread: Sourdough, baguettes, artisan-made — people will apparently drive 20 miles to their secret source.
  • Fine olive oil: Ideally from California — or your local go-to.
  • Good coffee: Local or from your favorite region.
  • Vanilla beans: The real kind, ideally from Madagascar.
  • Toilet paper: This is one place you don’t want to skimp.
  • Quality cheese: From Parmigiano Reggiano and feta to Havarti and Brie, everyone's got a favorite.
  • Fresh eggs: Local, organic, pasture-raised, and farm-fresh.
  • Chocolate: At least 70% dark
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