Over 20 Fun Things To Do When You're Stuck Inside During Winter

January 12, 2018
With school closings and icy roads, we figured we would put together a list of things for you and your family to do while you're stuck inside!
Indoor Camping - Grab board games, sleeping bags, a tent and snacks to eat while camping indoors with your family. It'll be warm PLUS, you can reconnect with your family. Puppets - Grab your puppets and put on a show with your family Make An Awesome, Delicious Breakfast - Grab your favorite breakfast foods and cook together as a family! Take A Bath (and get a bath bomb too!) - The perfect way to relax after stressing with cold weather, a warm, relaxing bath! Movie and Popcorn Day - It's simple, easy and you can stay in your pajamas all day! Paint Something In Your House - If you have something you've been wanting to paint in your house, take the time out of your weekend to go ahead and do it! Dress Up With The Kids - Put on a fashion show with your family by having everyone dress up in their favorite outfits and show them off!
For the complete list, click HERE.