Glenn's Uncensored Theater Review of Love Never Dies at PlayhouseSquare

January 11, 2018
I had the opportunity to check out Love Never Dies at PlayhouseSquare now through January 28th. It follows Andrew Lloyd Webber's pretty successful Phantom of the Opera, you know, the one seen by over 130 million people and winner of over 50 international awards? It takes place in 1907 about 10 years after the phantom disappears from the Paris Opera House.  The phantom is now in New York where he lives among the freak shows at Coney Island. He is still longing to be with his musical protégée, Christine Daaé. Let me tell you, the sets and costumes are mesmerizing. In fact, they are so mesmerizing you will have trouble concentrating on any one thing. That's exactly what I love about live theater, keep me looking all around, keep me awake. The music is classic Andrew Lloyd Weber, but unfortunately, none of the songs have that special something like the songs from Phantom of the Opera. They are good, and the cast sing them flawlessly. Maybe I need to listen to them a few hundred times more. The cast is varied and unique, and everything flows together into a rousing finale you can't miss! To get more info and to purchase your tickets, click HERE