My New Year's Resolution

January 3, 2018
So, I am not fond of this time of year.  I understand the need to start over, new beginnings, a fresh start, but why does the date on a calendar dictate our actions as people?  I realize we are looking for any type of motivation, but I find it very hard to be motivated in January. Quite frankly, there is nothing to be  motivated about, right?  It's too darn cold.  I get motivated in May because it's almost swimsuit season and I don't want a dad-bod at the community pool, but other than that, where does one find motivation? To me, motivation is everywhere.  I don't look at the start of a new year to lose weight, or eat healthy.  I look at it is a reminder to be a better person.  I wanna take more time for the important people in my life: My entire family, my friends, those that need help. The best way to experience happiness is to do for others, not sit back and wait for others to do for you. I turn to my kids and realize how fast they are growing and how every action of mine teaches them something. They don't listen to my words, they follow my actions. That is a tremendous responsibility, yet is incredibly rewarding when executed correctly. I wanna find more time to create experiences with them, not just homework and baths, but meaningful things they will carry for their lives.  I wanna spend more time with friends, and really listen to them and their needs. So often, we get into these routines where we are just trying to get through the day, pay bills, and we never really stop and listen to people. I wanna be a better listener, I wanna stop trying to solve problems. Last night, I took time for a few friends and I felt it was beneficial to all of us, because some of them really needed to talk and I was there during a time of need.  I think that creates purpose. In closing, whatever you want to resolve in 2018, do it, but do it for the right reasons. Being comfortable with who you are as a person is the greatest feeling in the world, and even though I have a long way to go, I can create that feeling a little bit in myself every day in 2018 and beyond.  All my best to you and your personal goals.  Being a better person is a resolution we all can get behind, right?