Date Night: Why A Christmas Story At Cleveland Play House Is A New Family TraditionThe Pink Nightmare!!!
How To NOT Be A Jerk At The MoviesThe wife and I are getting a RARE date night tonight. So we're taking in a picture! (Yeah I said picture, it's been a while)
RIP Eddie Valiant & Mr. Smee - Bob Hoskins Passes At 71Bob Hoskins, the actor in such films as Nixon
Happening In Cleveland, Jan. 17-19: Yoga For Kids, Beer Tasting On A Train & MoreWhat's your plan for the weekend in Cleveland? Here are 10 ideas to get you out and enjoying Northeast Ohio!
Kory's Review: Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance @ PlayhouseSquareIs this a traditional night of Broadway? No. Is it an unforgettable, beautiful, eye-popping spectacle? Absolutely. I would recommend everyone (even those who don’t “get” traditional ballet) see this show immediately.
Kory's Review: She Loves Me @ Beck Center For The ArtsShe Loves Me has all of the classic elements of a delightful musical and is sure to entertain theatre lovers of all ages.
Kory's Review: Time Stands Still @ DOBAMA TheatreTime Stands Still will play on every human emotion you possess, and maybe show you a different side of the turmoil that haunts our world. This show is a MUST-SEE!
Kory's Review: Frankie And Johnny In The Clair De Lune @ Blank Canvas TheatreFrankie and Johnny on the Clair de Lune isn’t mind-blowing, earth-shattering theatre, but it is well acted, and mildly entertaining.
Kory's Review: Based on a Totally True Story @ convergence-continuumBased on a Totally True Story is a comedy with tons of heart that explores life, love, success and how the choices we make affect others. It’s simply produced, well-acted and will leave you with a lot to think about.
Kory's Review: On The Line @ None Too Fragile TheaterOn The Line is heart-felt, hilarious, and authentic.
Kory's Review: Maestro: Leonard Bernstein @ Cleveland Play HouseThis is a show that you don’t so much view, but feel. You will marvel at the talent, charisma, humor and passion of a complex and fascinating man named Leonard Bernstein.
Kory's Review: 12 Angry Men @ Blank Canvas Theatre12 Angry Men is a fascinating look at how race, class, traditions, and pre-conceived notions equate into the American justice system. This production is well staged, well acted and will send you out into the night questioning your own hang ups.

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