3 Things: LA Shooting Leaves 2 Dead | Chuck Taylor Sneakers Get Comfort Update | "I Am Cait" Premieres This Sunday
Potty Mouth Minion?A parent is claiming that the toy minion that came in his kid's happy meal is dropping the F-Bomb! Here's the video:
Opening Night At CIFF 39 Doesn't DisappointThe movie was sad, predictable, simple and lovely. The laughter from the audience came too easily,
Des' Friday Flick: BlackhatMy kids know more about all the technical gizmos and gadgets than I do, but I at least know not to click on a questionable link or attachment that tells me to reset my password.
Date Night: Why A Christmas Story At Cleveland Play House Is A New Family TraditionThe Pink Nightmare!!!
Des' Friday Flick: The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five ArmiesI'm a little early on this movie, it won't be in theaters until December 17th. However, if your kids are
Des' Friday Flick: John WickI'm a fan of Keanu Reeves, not that his acting is so superior, there's just something about him that I find likeable
Des' Friday Flick: The Judge "The Judge" has a very good cast - Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton
How To NOT Be A Jerk At The MoviesThe wife and I are getting a RARE date night tonight. So we're taking in a picture! (Yeah I said picture, it's been a while)
Des' Friday Flick: The Boxtrolls Boxtrolls is about a young orphaned boy raised by "Boxtrolls" they live underground and collect trash. I was hoping the characters would be
Des' Friday Flick: This Is Where I Leave YouI'm a fan of Tina Fey and I pretty much like anything she does, including this movie. The cast also includes Jason Bateman and
Des' Friday Flick: Expendables 3The first Expendables movie was one too many. It's kind of sad to see our former action stars struggle through

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