Parents Should Stop Using Social Media To Punish/Embarrass Their KidsIn the last few weeks I've seen several reports about parents teaching their kids a "lesson". One mom, tired of her daughter's messy bedroom packed up all her belongings in trash bags
OMG! THIS Is What Happens When Dads Are In Charge Of The KidsYES! Nate is not alone! Meet the other Dads that have too much fun when Mom isn't around!
Son Writes Sweet Obituary For His MomWhen you lose a loved one the grief can be overwhelming and it's hard to imagine the task of taking care of the "arrangements." When Pat Stocks passed away, her son was left the task of writing the obituary. It's no ordinary obituary
Potty Mouth Minion?A parent is claiming that the toy minion that came in his kid's happy meal is dropping the F-Bomb! Here's the video:
Parents Order THIS Frozen Cake And The Results Are Unexpected - See The Pic HERE!OMG what happened?!
Every Mom-To-Be Should Work For Richard Branson. Here's Why:Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin everything! Is making other businesses take notice of his policies and generosity. His latest - ONE YEAR PAID
Parents, Please Watch This Video It's A Great Reminder To Talk To Your KidsIt's a parent's nightmare. We do everything to protect our children, we think they're listening, then this happens:
School Bus Driver Allegedly Locks The Doors, Refuses To Free ChildrenAn Arizona school bus driver has voluntarily resigned after causing quite a fright for parents. He allegedly locked the kids on the school bus as worried parents
My Son's School Was On LOCKDOWN This Morning, Here's Why...I was driving into work this morning when I received a call from my son's school saying "The high school and middle school are no longer in lockdown" WHAT?! I missed the first call
31% Of Parents Do THIS For Their 6 Year Old, Do YOU?WOW. We didn't have one of these until we started DRIVING.
Parents, If Your Son Or Daughter Is A New Driver, This May Be The Perfect CarMy son got his temporary license over the weekend and the thought of him driving scares the heck out of me. I have taken him to the school parking lot a few times,
INSIDE SCOOP: Want To Be A Cool Parent? THESE Are The Words Your Kids Are Using TodayGuess you're not a cool parent unless you KNOW these terms. Tim is by far the LEAST coolest parent because he barely got any of these correct.

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