Kory's Review: Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance @ PlayhouseSquareIs this a traditional night of Broadway? No. Is it an unforgettable, beautiful, eye-popping spectacle? Absolutely. I would recommend everyone (even those who don’t “get” traditional ballet) see this show immediately.
Kory's Review: She Loves Me @ Beck Center For The ArtsShe Loves Me has all of the classic elements of a delightful musical and is sure to entertain theatre lovers of all ages.
Kory's Review: Time Stands Still @ DOBAMA TheatreTime Stands Still will play on every human emotion you possess, and maybe show you a different side of the turmoil that haunts our world. This show is a MUST-SEE!
Kory's Review: Frankie And Johnny In The Clair De Lune @ Blank Canvas TheatreFrankie and Johnny on the Clair de Lune isn’t mind-blowing, earth-shattering theatre, but it is well acted, and mildly entertaining.
Kory's Review: Based on a Totally True Story @ convergence-continuumBased on a Totally True Story is a comedy with tons of heart that explores life, love, success and how the choices we make affect others. It’s simply produced, well-acted and will leave you with a lot to think about.
Kory's Review: Peter Pan A Musical Adventure @ Mercury Summer StockPeter Pan is actually 102 years old, but thanks to Mercury Summer Stock's masterful production, Peter Pan has succeeded in not growing up, and is still thrilling audiences in Cleveland, but only through August 17th.
Kory's Review: On The Line @ None Too Fragile TheaterOn The Line is heart-felt, hilarious, and authentic.
Kory's Review: Maestro: Leonard Bernstein @ Cleveland Play HouseThis is a show that you don’t so much view, but feel. You will marvel at the talent, charisma, humor and passion of a complex and fascinating man named Leonard Bernstein.
Kory's Review: 12 Angry Men @ Blank Canvas Theatre12 Angry Men is a fascinating look at how race, class, traditions, and pre-conceived notions equate into the American justice system. This production is well staged, well acted and will send you out into the night questioning your own hang ups.
Kory's Review: Monty Python's Spamalot @ Beck CenterThere is no way to escape Beck’s Mackey Main Stage without laughing yourself to tears, I certainly couldn’t. Even if you have never seen a Monty Python film (I havent! - don’t judge), you will love Spamalot! Do not miss this show!
Kory's Review: Disney's The Lion King @ PlayhouseSquareAll in all, Disney’s The Lion King falls short of the heart of the film in key moments, but makes up for it with all the charm and spectacle only the stage can offer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll never forget the night you first experienced this Broadway classic.
Kory's Review: Ragtime @ Mercury Summer StockRagtime is elegantly staged, perfectly timed, and brilliantly acted. All of the necessary elements combine for an evening of theatre that is heartfelt, moving, powerful, and at times hard to watch. This critic was moved to tears three times before the final bow, it’s that good!

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