Check Out The Most Disturbing Face-Swaps EverToo many of my friends have had fun with the face-swap App. A few of them looked okay, couldn't really tell they swapped, but these...OMG.
Enjoy The Cavs AWAY Games Too!The Cavs throw quite the party. It's all about the fans and enjoying the game, and you can do that at the Q! Click here for all the details on the Cavs watch party
Best Kisscam EVER!When you're watching the Cavs win and you're suddenly spotted by the kisscam, you kiss your sweetie. I love this girl:
Des' Mom With Celebrity News, This Week Goes From Sad To ScandalousMy Mom certainly seems to know everyone's secrets ;) This week she tells us about Michael J. Fox, Robert Wagner and WOW Did you know this about Florence Henderson?
Des' Mom With Celebrity "News" - OJ Simpson & Goldie HawnGuess what celebrity couple is finally getting married and did Kris Jenner Help O.J. get away with MURDER? My Mom fills us in with all the "details" ;)
Des' Mom With Celebrity "News"My mom loves to read what many of us may describe as "trashy" magazines. You know, the ones at the checkout that occasionally feature a story about an alien baby winning the lottery and buying up all the hubba bubba bubble gum - well
Got Toboggan?The Cleveland Metroparks Toboggan Chutes at Strongsville Chalet are GREAT!
Magic Trick Makes Orangutan LaughThe "magic" trick is pretty lame, but the Orangutan seemed to be plenty amused.
Des' Date Night :) Pinot's PaletteMy husband and I decided Friday night is date night and every other week I pick what we do. I didn't tell Alan what I chose, I wanted him to be surprised. I took him to "Pin
Pee Wee Football Players Forget They're Playing A Game And Start This:When my son was 4 years old, he was on a soccer team. He didn't care about playing soccer, like most of the boys there he just wanted to play with this friends. They were
The Festivals Don't End Because Fall Is Here - Check Out The List Of Best Ohio Fall FestivalsDo you dread Fall because you're days of enjoying corn dogs, cotton candy and elephant ears become a distant Summer memory? No need. There's plenty of festivals in Ohio throughout Fall for you to enjoy
Acoustic Sunrise - Sunday, September 6, 2015Acoustic Sunrise – Sundays 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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