The Easiest Cake You Will Ever Make (Delicious Too)Des made this cake for her husband over the weekend, her husband and son nearly ate the whole thing!
Whole Foods Is Going After Pastor Who Claims They Wrote Anti-Gay Slur On CakeWhole Foods is fighting back against a Texas pastor who accused them of decorating a cake with an anti-gay slur.
It's "National Chocolate Cake Day" And Des Has A Deliciously Odd RecipeI found this recipe a few years ago and knew I had to give it a try. It was delicious! The cake is dense (from the beans) but very moist. And I promise if you don't tell anyone that you made the cake using black beans no one will know.
Forget The Turducken - Piecaken Is Taking Over !!Pies, cakes, cookies, all the dessert choices you have on Thanksgiving just got easier: Have Them All! Piecaken has taken over, it's a pie inside a cake. My dreams have been answered.
Someone Really Paid $75 Million For THIS Cake?I find this extremely difficult to believe. The story alleges that a wealthy Arab family ordered the world's most expensive cake featuring real diamonds. The cake was created by a woman named Debbie Wingham who also claims to
Couple Have Been Enjoying Their Wedding Cake For Sixty Years!It's a nice tradition to save a piece of your wedding cake to enjoy on your first anniversary. Maybe watch a video of your wedding and
Des' Son Turned 16! Caricatures, Hollywood, Tuxedos, Pinata And More :) Check Out The Party !!!My son turned 16 on July 24th so I took him, his friend Noah - who has the same birthday and my cousin (we're the July Birthday bunch) to hit some golf balls, we had lunch then we went to see the movie "Ant Man" which was so stupid, it was actually entertaining.
Are You 'Dying' To Get Married? Here's The Perfect Venue...Funerals can be expensive. It seems that we are finally realizing we don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on lavish items to show our dearly departed they were loved. This realization comes at a price to
Parents Order THIS Frozen Cake And The Results Are Unexpected - See The Pic HERE!OMG what happened?!
Inspired By Wine, I May Have Created The Best Dessert Ever!Drinking and baking, cooking, grilling or anything that involves fire do not go together. Although after a couple of glasses of wine
Strawberries And CreamI bought the best strawberries over the weekend, perfectly sweet. My boys love strawberries with cream and if you've never made your own cream for the berries or desserts, give this one a try - super easy, delicious and I'm sure it will be your new favorite.
VIDEO: Jeremiah's Gender Reveal Party!Saturday we welcomed our friends and family over to find out the gender of Baby Widmer Number 2.

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