Flowers, candy, teddy bears, blah blah blah.  What do you do so it looks like you actually put some thought into the day, instead of just going through the motions?

Valentine’s Day is all about reconnecting.  Sure, it’s hard to reconnect on a Wednesday, but feel free to do any of these things over the weekend.

Enjoy a breakfast date– Grab your loved one or someone you’ve been wanting to love and head out to a place like Cleveland Bagel Co and enjoy a bagel with a romantic smear (cream cheese product) and talk about life.  It doesn’t have to be dark out to spell romance, and quite frankly, no matter how boring the conversation might be, at least you’ll appear awake from the coffee.

Go somewhere new – How many times do you end up going to the same restaurants, bars, eating the same filet and lobster? (ok, that might not be bad).  Seriously, we grow when we try new things.  How about going to the Cleveland Art Museum and over to Trentina to eat an edible candle?  Maybe you can try Indoor go-carting out in Medina, or just be kids and head to Skyzone and Jump…For your love?  At least that will burn off the calories from your decadent dinner.  Just make sure to wait at least half an hour, or you could add going to Rite-Aid for Pepto to your list of new places to go on Valentine’s Day.

Paint each other- There are so many of those wine and paint places, or pottery and paint, but why go out? Get a few easels from Costco, some paint and brushes from Michaels, and go home and paint pictures of each other.  Put some time into it so your valentine doesn’t look like a red blob, and then pour a couple of glasses of chardonnay and rinse off…Either your brushes or each other in the shower.

Whatever you do, just do something.  People are bored with Valentine’s Day because they always do the same things.  Imagine eating nothing but Chipotle every day?  OK, scratch that.





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