Coca-Cola has given the beloved beverage a makeover and along with a new can, they’re rolling out four new flavors this month.

But those loyal to the classic flavor can rest assured the original Diet Coke will still be available in all of its regular forms – glass bottles, 12-ounce cans, and such. But the newbies come in something taller.

The new design still holds 12-ounces, but the can is skinnier and taller with a vertical red stripe, which is “a Coca-Cola red disc that has gone for a walk,” according to James Sommerville, the vice president of Coca-Cola Global Design.

Coca-Cola tested more than 30 new Diet Coke flavors, here’s what you can look forward to:

Ginger Lime – It’s like a Moscow Mule without the vodka.
Feisty Cherry – This one will make Cherry Coke fans happy
Zesty Blood Orange – Does orange work well with Diet Coke? You’ll have to decide.
Twisted Mango – Another unique flavor offering.

Look for the four new flavors, as well as the original Diet Coke in its new packaging, this month, sold as individual cans and in eight-packs.


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