A lot of people will be making a resolution to find a new job in 2018. If you’re looking to get ahead in your career, you may want to think about changing gigs. CareerBuilder has just come out with their list of the best jobs for workers looking to get ahead in the new year, and they just may be for you.

The list looks at jobs that are projected to grow over the next five years, and also offer good learning opportunities, with many not even requiring a college degree.

Those jobs include:

  • Computer User Support Specialist – Average hourly earnings $25.53
  • Human Resource Specialist –Average hourly earnings $31.20
  • Administrative Assistant  –  Average hourly earnings $17.38
  • Customer Service Representatives –Average hourly earnings $16.91
  • Medical Assistant –  Average hourly earnings $15.79
  • Retail Salesperson  -Average hourly earnings $13.07
  • Construction Laborer –Average hourly earnings $18.22
  • Teacher Assistant –Average hourly earnings  $13.04

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