If you’re still struggling to come up with a gift idea for that hard-to-buy for person in your family, you may want to think about getting them an experience, rather than an actual tangible gift. According to a new survey, 95 million Americans would rather get a gift of experience than any other form of present, including gift certificates.

Overall, 67% of people say they’d prefer to get an experiential gift rather than a gift certificate, with 81% of people thinking they are more memorable than any other form of gift. And these type of gifts are so desired people seem to be willing to do a lot, or even give up a lot, to get one. For example:

  • 47% of people in relationships say they would more be likely to have sex with a significant other if they received an experience rather than a material gift
  • 46% of Americans would be willing to sleep an hour less each night for the entire holiday season to get an amazing experience instead of a gift certificate
  • 37%of those polled would give up sex for a week to get an experiential gift
  • 29% would give up their cell phones for a week for an experiential gift
  • 75% of Millennials would do anything in exchange for an incredible experience

So, what types of experiences do people want? Well top choices include going on a helicopter tour (39%), going on a private tour of a museum (32%) and petting a panda at the zoo (27%). One experience they don’t want is spending time with their in-laws. The survey finds that only 9% of people would want to spend an entire week with their in-laws.


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